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Our Story

Thank you for visiting the Dance Battle Elite website!  We have been students and fans of dance since we could walk.  Quinton has experience as the step master for the local chapter of his fraternity, Alphi Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and Kamilah's dance skills led her to perform with African dance troops, and compete in step shows.

For us, dance is about more than expression. We view it as a language that connects people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages. We are prime examples as Kamilah hails from Brooklyn, New York, and Quinton is from Little Rock, Arkansas. Although we grew up in different geographical locations, we connected through this common language. 


As passionate as we are about this art, we are aware that countless content creators do not think that dance receives the full appreciation that it deserves at times. Based on our experiences, we understand the dedication that goes into this craft, and as fans, we enjoy indulging in the creativity of eye-catching movements. This is why it was important for us to create the DANCE BATTLE ELITE app


We want dancers from around the world to have a space where they can connect, showcase their skills, and use our platform to elevate dance to the next level. Our app will welcome anyone who shares our passion for dance through community engagement!

Contact Us!

We are looking for investors, have opportunities to expand the DBE team, and are always seeking to connect with the dance community.

Phone  501-353-8611

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